Babywearing is the practice of carrying a baby or toddler in a sling. Babywearing has been used for centuries around the world. In our current time, babywearing has been slowly becoming a part of modern mainstream society.

Learning Library

The purpose of the Learning library is to allow members to use a sling for  a meeting or several meetings.   In turn the caregivers are able to determine if that particular sling type or brand works for her/his needs.  Babywearing Brasov is devoted to matching a family with exactly the carrier that suits them.  

Our Learning Library includes the following Carriers/ wraps/ slings:

 Soft Structured Carriers or SSCs

Marsupi, Size L


Connecta SSC baby sized

Bumbo baby sized by Bumbo Designs

Woven Wraps

 Hoppediz Woven Wrap 4.2m

 Crisalida Woven Wrap 4.7m

Mei Tais

Mei Tai by

Mei tai by Asteraki Slings

Fix Carriers 

Carrier fix by Cuib de Ingeri

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